My Reason

My goal in keeping a blog is to encourage people who are in the midst of hopelessness. I picture myself on the healing side of a chasm of pain calling to others, “You are not alone! There is hope! There is a way to peace. Don’t give up! You do have value – more than you know.”

It seems impossible to live on earth without having experienced some level of pain from abandonment, oppression, abuse, trauma, or even people simply being disrespectful. While some people may experience greater levels of trauma, I believe we all have a need for healing.

My hope in sharing my story is that my readers will see that there is a path to healing. We do not have to stay in a place of pain and despair.

While there is a large gap in my writing due to COVID, I hope to start writing more regularly again. In the meantime, if you haven’t read my earlier blogs, please do as you have time. And feel free to share any of my blog articles or my story with those you know who may need help finding hope.

If you have questions or would like to discuss something further, please leave a comment.

Blessings! ~Deb

2 thoughts on “My Reason

  1. Mike P.

    Thanks for sharing dear heart writer!
    As for me I’m running as fast as I can towards Jesus and leaving all of my heart habits and hangups in the dust!’
    Although I don’t wanna make light of your hurts for me I can intentionally stop looking in the rearview mirror of my painful memories which literally do not exist since they only exist in memories and I can cling to the Savior and run as fast as I can towards him and stop intentionally re-practicing and stop rehearsing the pain of the past.!

    Running from hellish memories as fast as I can towards the savior!

    For me Tragedy only exists in my memories!
    And since memories are in the past they are actually false reprocessing a prior events.

    Although the memories are painful as heck by intentionally letting those painful memories float down the stream of my consciousness I can circumvents the emotional response which causes me to repetitiously reexperience the trauma of the past.

    I can now see the heartache of the past and simply a distant memory and I can intentionally disregard it and refuse to allow it to impede my race towards hope happiness restoration and a greater life fulfillment experiencing the joy of Jesus rather than remaining in despair and heartache of the past!

    My heart‘s had it to the hangups or literally from yesterday and since yesterday no longer exist there’s no real reason for me to stay there in my mind anymore!

    Because of the redemptive resurrection of Christ in the same spirit that raised him from the dead lives within me and YOU /
    The best is quite literally yet to come!

    Healing and restoration are completely available through the power of the Savior as I fix my mind on him and allow myself out of the tomb of despair and heartache!


  2. Mike P – Thank you for commenting. I am grateful for your words of encouragement to me and others who may read this.

    Most days my pain is behind me. Yet, there are days when the weight of knowing that there are many other people out there who have not experienced the healing and freedom that we have. If I remain silent, they may continue to believe that they are alone in the pain. They may be lost in despair not knowing that Jesus can save them. My writing is not for me. It is for them.

    Thanks again!


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